I've always been a big fan of Corn Pops, or as they're now called, "Pops", having modernized by dropping that old fashioned "corn" from the title, and changing their tagline to "Big Yellow Taste!". I have no idea what "Yellow" is supposed to taste like, but Pops taste pretty good. So, I was delighted and curious when I saw "Chocolate Peanut Butter Pops" at my local Safeway. I brought home a box and immediately poured a bowl.

What's this? The Pops are not in their usual puffed corn kernel shape, they are all perfectly round spheres. This can't be a good sign. I take a bite, and instead of the soft, gently pliant crunch that I'm expecting, the spheres shatter between my teeth like little balls of peanut-buttery pumice. Apparently the addition of the chocolate peanut butter flavoring necessitated a complete alchemical change in the basic structure of the cereal, because what I was eating was not Pops at all, it was slightly larger-than-average Cocoa Puffs, or maybe even Captain Crunch---the ultra-crunchy polar opposite of sweet, gentle Pops! The antithesis! And I have the scarred gums to prove it.

How does Kellogg get away with a switch-up like this? Why would they call this cereal Pops, when it is so clearly not Pops? Now I'm waiting nervously for the day I open a bottle of "New, Improved Taste!" Pepsi only to find it filled with Lil' Smokies.


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