Many of you people know my brother: noted community organizer, supporter of the arts, and international dance sensation, Nathan Marion. His inspiring life story has been the subject of countless articles, dozens of documentaries, several unauthorized biographies, and three slightly fictionalized biopic films. (Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, and Stomp The Yard.) But this is the first time we've been able to hear the REAL story, straight from the man himself.

The Nathan Marion Story

By Nathan Marion

CAN'T STOP DANCING is the quintessential American story, full of hope, optimism, and sexy dancing. Born into poverty in Haiti, no one ever expected Nathan to get out of the slums. But after a run in with local law enforcement gets him deported to America, he discovers hip-hop dancing on the streets of Brooklyn, and his life is changed forever. As he practices relentlessly to be the best street dancer in New York, he finds himself out of cash and out of luck, forcing him to go to the Mob for help. Things look bleak as Nathan sinks deeper and deeper into a tangled web of crime, but his indomitable spirit and irrepressible love of dance win over the local Mafia boss, who agrees to give Nathan ten of his men to form a dance troupe and join the upcoming national dance competition. The only catch--the rival team in the competition is the NYPD! It's cappos VS coppers in the dance brawl of the century. Can Nathan Marion help the police department and organized crime overcome their differences through the power of dance? The answer will leave you breathless, in one of the most gripping, poignant true stories in American history.


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