Conversation that took place in my head while passing two rough dudes on the sidewalk:

"Yo man gimmie your wallet, we're rough dudes and we want your wallet so give it."

"You guys aren't rough, I just saw you giving directions to that nun back there."

"Fine, forget it."

New good idea for a good product:

White ivory "grillz" shaped like real human teeth, for the more tasteful pimp. Be tasteful, Pimp--don't flaunt your grillz. You know you have them, and that's enough.

Concept in need of definition:

"Makeout Movie"

A film that has just the right balance of amusement and forgetability to be used as background noise for a makeout session. Usually a lighthearted comedy or something you would never waste your time on under normal circumstances.

Sometimes important films become Makeout Movies by accident, leading to the condition of having "sortof" seen the film. I.E, you remember clearly the first 30-45 minutes, but the second half is a vague blur remembered mainly through your periphery vision, which has a very low resolution. This can happen with the most unlikely, unromantic of films.

Example: "Have I seen Pan's Labrynth? Yeah....I think so....I definitely remember some creepy shit going on at the beginning...umm......didn't a guy get his cheek sliced open at one point or......umm....?" (blush)


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