All the remaining copies of Warm Bodies are gone now, and as a result, I won't have to sell my bed yet. Wait that sounds like prostitution. I won't have to sell my couch. That's slightly better. Thanks guys. You keep my boat afloat.
Nautical metaphors! I must be writing this from a cabin near the ocean! Why yes, yes I am actually. Family vacation and whatnot. Two parents, four siblings, two nephews, two dogs, a niece, and me. One thing I've observed so far is that kids really have a small emotional range. It takes pretty devastating trauma to get me to cry or scream, but all a kid needs is to recieve the wrong flavor of juice. I wondered if this is just because they haven't experienced enough real trauma to give them perspective. If you think of it as a scale, with 0 being happy and content, and 10 being totally heartbroken, it makes sense that they would have a different boiling point based on what they've experienced so far. If the worst thing you've ever heard of was getting denied video games for a month, then that would become your 10, so maybe not getting a cookie when you really want a cookie would land an 8 or 9. Whereas an adult's 10 is maybe their wife's death or going through the Holocaust or something. So then not getting a cookie when they really want a cookie is something like a 0.3 on the scale, and causes zero tears or screaming. The obvious conclusion is that all children should have their wives killed and/or spend a year in concentration camps to gain perspective. Ok I'm going back to the beach now bye.



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