Thanks for all your input on "The First Time Kelly Killed Herself" guys. Even though most of your comments were positive, a few people's reservations made me decide that I am in over my head with this one. The concepts in there--suicide, depression, and the various causes of and justifications for them--are way too complex and multi-faceted to be handled justly in a ten page short story written in Fairy Tale Voice.

So, this particular piece of nastiness will not be included in FLASHLIGHTS IN THE BASEMENT, but don't worry, there will be lots of other previously unseen tales of darkness and misery, including one about roadkill, one about feral cats, one about a self-proclaimed mass murderer, one about college kids fighting monsters in the basement of a sinking house, and a prequel novella to WARM BODIES.

I'm doing my penultimate editing sweep at this very moment. Give me two months, tops, and I'll have a finished, printed, bound book to slap down in front of you.


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