Hey guys. It looks like this whole crazy "words I wrote becoming a major motion picture" thing is actually going to happen. After much excruciatingly careful consideration, Summit Entertainment has found its R.

This man!

Wait, sorry. That's him when he was a precocious moppet in the film ABOUT A BOY. Here's him now:

You may have seen him in A SINGLE MAN, CLASH OF THE TITANS, or the British show SKINS. He's going to be playing Beast in the upcoming "young X-Men" X-Men film, and the titular giant killer in Bryan Singer's JACK THE GIANT KILLER. I think these roles should adequately prepare him to play our soft-hearted eater of children, R.

Pretty much everything has been on hold until R was cast, so now things should start rolling quickly. Next item of business: find a Julie!
Stay tuned, or as Brits like Nicholas would say, "chuned".




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