A couple minor missives from the Warm Bodies front:

I've created a fan page for the book on Facebook. Anything relevant to the book or the movie will show up there, and all your friends will be able to see how painfully cool and literate you are, so please Like it (I love capitalizing verbs) if you're into that sort of thing.


Also, remember that little trailer I made in 2009 when I was self publishing the book? The one I filmed in 4 hours with my brother's old camcorder and some halloween makeup, then edited on my brother's laptop in iMovie, which I'd never used before? Turns out none of the 20 major publishing houses now publishing the book think their professional marketing teams can do any better, so this pixelated home movie has become the official trailer for Warm Bodies. Luckily, I now have a whole mess of glowing reviews to pepper throughout the video, which does seem to grant an illusion of professionalism to the whole affair. Enjoy, and please spread around!


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