Sleep is the regular needs of any mammal (including humans). in a State of sleep can increase the production of upholstery material maker named cells myelin that protects the circuits of the brain. The findings, the current confirmed in mice, can reveal the role of sleep in brain development and improvement as well as disease MS, said a team of scientists from Wisconsin that. 

The results of their research are published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Dr. Chiara Cirelli and his colleagues from the University of Wisconsin found that makers of cell myelin production levels, oligodendroctytes, doubled when rats sleep.

This increase is very high when one enters the stage of sleep dreaming or REM (rapid eye movement) and driven by genes. Conversely, the genes that play a role in cell death and the response to stress is activated when a mouse Click is forced to awake.

The reason why humans need sleep has made scientists wonder for hundreds of years. It is clear that we need sleep to rest and so that our minds function properly, but the biological processes which occur when we sleep is known to not long ago. 
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